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Long Term Care Facilities Workshop

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*Continuing Education Credits Offered

Event Description: For over a decade the Disaster Management for Long Term Care Facilities Workshops have been offered in Oklahoma to ensure that long term care and assisted living facilities receive the tools to create effective disaster plans.      

Who Should Attend: Administrators, Directors, Facility Managers and all staff responsible for the protection of senior citizens in nursing homes, assisted living and other elder care residential facilities. Discounts are provided for teams of three or more people.

As a result of these sessions, participants have learned how to...
- understand the basic principles of emergency preparedness as it applies to long-term care and assisted living facilities generally and how this applies to their own facilities specifically;
- understand the importance of having a plan in place in the event of a power outage to protect their residents and their facility;
- become familiar with the CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule, Healthcare and Medical Response Readiness and Coordination, Continuity of Healthcare Service Delivery and Emergency Preparedness Program Development;
- understand why drills and exercises are an important component of the maintenance of any disaster plan, including a rudimentary understanding of the incident command system;
- have an experiential understanding of a tabletop exercise and hot wash using their own facility's plans, including developing any post-workshop, after-action items for their plans.

Life Safety Code Surveyor Nakia Jackson instructing at 2017 LTCF Workshop

Life Safety Code Surveyor Nakia Jackson instructing at 2017 LTCF Workshop