The Disaster Resilience Network Receives $20,000 State Farm Grant

For Immediate Release: March 22, 2019

Funds donated will promote stronger and more weather-resistant homes in Oklahoma.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – The Disaster Resilience Network (DRN) is pleased to announce it has received a $20,000 Good Neighbor Citizenship Grant through State Farm. State Farm’s generous grant program fosters community development, education and safety projects.

“Since our inception, State Farm has been a significant partner of our organization,” said Tim Lovell, the DRN’s Executive Director. “We are proud of their continued participation in making Oklahoma resilient and strong -- especially as we enter the spring storm season.”

These funds will allow the DRN’s Housing Council of local, state, tribal, nonprofit and private entities to further develop resilient housing options via educational workshops, promotional outreach and targeted demonstration projects.

The DRN’s Housing Council particularly promotes the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety’s (IBHS) FORTIFIED Home™, a uniform, voluntary and superior set of standards available to improve the resilience of both new and existing homes in Oklahoma.

“Improving the ability of our nation’s homes to withstand severe weather is critical to protecting what is priceless and preventing avoidable hardships,” said Fred Malik, Managing Director of FORTIFIED Home at IBHS. “From the roof to the foundation, FORTIFIED allies like the DRN and State Farm are making homes in Oklahoma stronger, safer and more durable, so Oklahoma families can return to them after the storm passes.”

The DRN is very proud to accept this grant award on behalf of Oklahoma’s residents, consumers, and professionals in the home-building sector who will be informed and motivated to participate in the IBHS FORTIFIED program in Oklahoma (#FORTIFIEDinOKLAHOMA).

About Disaster Resilience Network:

DRN is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower people, businesses, and communities to reduce the impact of disasters. DRN relies on funding from grants, communities, businesses, and individuals to accomplish its mission. We serve our mission by focusing in three major areas:

·         Providing materials and learning sessions in multiple languages through our Cross-Cultural Council.

·         Educating small businesses on preparedness through our Business Council.

·         Promoting stronger and weather-resistant homes through our Housing Council.

DRN has reached hundreds of individuals, businesses, and organizations thus far. Join us and help people prepare before disaster strikes. Visit for more information. Connect with us on Facebook at @DisasterResilienceUS, Twitter at @DRNintheUSA, Instagram at @disasterresilienceus


For more information on the IBHS FORTIFIED Home™ program, go to:



Tim Lovell