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Together we can strengthen homes, businesses and communities against natural disasters and other causes of loss.

DRN Councils

At DRN we are focused on helping strengthen three main sectors: Individual Homes, Local Businesses and Our Community. We have created three different council groups which are focused on developing action plans and engaging their network on opportunities for emergency planning. Our goal is to help prepare these three groups and focus on actions that can be done before disaster strikes. 



Business Council

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About DRN's Business Council

The DRN Business Council is both a public and private partnership designed to educate businesses and nonprofits about the need for emergency and continuity planning. We offer networking opportunities for those interested in business emergency and continuity planning, and assist in promoting the critical role of businesses and nonprofits in a community’s disaster resiliency.

Hosted by Disaster Resilience Network and chaired by David Hall with State Farm Insurance, representatives serving on the council in 2017, include: Bank of Oklahoma, CK Consulting LLC, Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS), the LSU Stephenson Disaster Management Institute, Meshek and Associates, Oklahoma Small Business Development Center, Public Service Company of Oklahoma, the Resilience Institute, SERVPRO of South Tulsa and Edmond, Titan Data Services, TRC Disaster Solutions, the Tulsa City County Health Department, and the Tulsa Regional Chamber.

This council helps small businesses plan to survive fire, flood, wind, power loss, or other troubles that can sink even the most determined entrepreneurs.

We want to help businesses and nonprofit social service agencies strengthen their protection and planning before disaster strikes, whether in the form of natural disasters or even everyday emergencies such as a power failure.

If you have additional questions about the The DRN Business Council please email us at


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About DRN's Housing Council

The DRN Housing Council is a collaborative venture between DRN and other entities to help people build stronger and more weather-resistant homes. This includes the promotion of programs like the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety FORTIFIED Homes as well as the use of low impact development / green infrastructure strategies in dealing with storm water drainage / retention such as rain gardens, bioswales, pervious concrete, etc. The steering committee is co-chaired by Graham Brannin with the Metropolitan Environmental Trust and Charles Snyder, an engineer and IBHS FORTIFIED Home Evaluator as well as representatives from local, state, tribal, private and nonprofit entities. Much of our work overlaps with those working in the green building industry, who see the value of a home that is built to exist in harmony with the climate of Oklahoma.

Build Safe & Green...

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*This page is currently under construction.
To find out more information on the FORTIFIED Home™ program please visit:

What is a FORTIFIED Home™?
“FORTIFIED homes are new and existing homes that are strengthened through system-specific building upgrades to minimum building code requirements that will reduce damage from specific natural hazards. The FORTIFIED Home program has three levels of designation—Bronze, Silver and Gold—that build upon each other, allowing you to choose the desired level of protection that best suits your budgets and resilience goals.” (

FORTIFIED Home Construction and Insurance Discounts
Since April 2018, insurance discounts have become available for FORTIFIED construction in Oklahoma. For residential homes, significant discounts on homeowners insurance rates have been offered. If you are looking into reroofing or building a new home soon, we strongly recommend that you call your insurance agent and ask if they offer discounts for reroofing or building FORTIFIED. You can also check below to see if your provider is already listed.

Insurance Agencies Offering FORTIFIED Home
Discount Rates
American Association of Insurance Services
- Amica Mutual Insurance Co.
- Armed Forces Insurance Exchange
- Economy Premier Assurance Co.
- Employers Mutual Casualty Co.
- Goodville Mutual Casualty Co.
- IDS Property Casualty Insurance Co.
- Insurance Services Office
- Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance Co.
- National Security Fire & Casualty Insurance Co.
- Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
- Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Co.
- QBE Insurance Corp.
- State Farm Fire and Casualty Co.
- The Travelers Home and Marine Insurance Co.
- Travelers Commercial Insurance Co.
- Trinity Universal Insurance Co.

*To find out if your insurance company offers discounts for building FORTIFIED , please call your agent

Build Safe & Green...


Cross-Cultural Council COUNCIL

DRN Cross Cultural Council

About DRN's Cross-Cultural Council

A grassroots network of multicultural and multilingual groups, the DRN Cross-Cultural Council works with many communities and cultural groups to help their members prepare for disasters, and to help all people receive emergency communications in a way they can understand.

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