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About DRN's Housing Council

The DRN Housing Council is a collaborative venture between DRN and other entities to help people live safely and in harmony with nature. Using a “center without walls” approach of education and collaborative demonstration projects, the eventual goal is to create a permanent exhibit to promote disaster-resistant and sustainable living. The steering committee is co-chaired by Michelle Barnett of Enercon Services and Graham Brannin with the City of Tulsa.

One of the endeavors that DRN participated in through its Housing Council was the Green Country Sustainability Forum.

Members of the DRN Housing Steering Committee such as Michelle Barnett and Graham Brannin, architect Mary Kell with the City of Tulsa, and Tim Lovell were participants in developing this Forum’s Green Country Low Impact Development Design Competition and Great Plains LID Symposium on April 3, 2014. Dr. Jason Vogel with OSU, another DRN Housing Council Committee member, chaired and led this endeavor.

The competition was aimed at educating design professionals, built environment decision makers and the public on the positive impacts of LID, with the symposium providing an educational venue to discuss topics related to Low Impact Development (LID) in the Great Plains of the United States.

Many positive outcomes were realized including a planned and funded LID project to be completed at the base of the famous Tulsa Tough Crybaby Hill.

Oklahoma Strong – Construction
The DRN Housing Council has continued to support the use of higher building standards, working in conjunction with the City of Tulsa’s Stormwater Drainage and Hazard Mitigation Advisory Board, the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS), the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, the National Storm Shelter Association, and other programs promoting stronger residential construction. Support for this effort is present in the City of Tulsa Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan.

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