DEMONSTRATION July 8 - 10: Construction Standards that Stand Up to Storms and Qualify for Large Insurance Discounts - FORTIFIED Roof Installation in Edmond

WHO: Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS); Tim Lovell, Disaster Resilience Network; Levon Lumpkin, Impact Construction Group; Jack Werner, A to Z Inspections, FORTIFIED Home Evaluator; Wallace and Karen Mitchell, Home Owners

WHAT: Installation of roofing system to meet FORTIFIED Home™ standards that will protect against storm damage and qualify for significant insurance discounts

WHEN: Monday, July 8, 2019 Project begins

WHERE: 1550 N. Coltrane, Edmond 73034

CONTACT: Jack Werner, A to Z Inspections, 405/412-7861 ext 2 or

Tim Lovell, Exec. Dir., Disaster Resilience Network, 918/632-0044 or

Oklahoma home owners can now qualify for significant discounts on home insurance premiums and gain peace of mind by building or retrofitting their homes to meet FORTIFIED Home™ resilient construction standards. Recognizing the value of the FORTIFIED home™ program, at least 100 insurance companies offer insurance premium discounts up to 40% on homes meeting the FORTIFIED home™ standards. The FORTIFIED program is based on extensive science-based testing of engineering and building standards during the IBHS's 20-plus years of lab and field research.

"Property damage to homes from EF-0 and EF-1 tornadoes can, in many cases, be eliminated, using FORTIFIED standards," explained Fred Malik, Managing Director of the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) FORTIFIED home™ programs. "Building FORTIFIED also can strengthen a home's defenses against other wind events, severe thunderstorms and hailstorms. It starts with the roof," Malik stressed, " the most important and most vulnerable component of every home. Your roof is your first line of defense during severe weather, so you want it to be as strong as possible."

Reporters, real estate professionals, insurance agents, contractors, home builders, roofers, and home owners have the opportunity to see FORTIFIED standards being implemented during installation of the first roof in Edmond that will meet FORTIFIED home™ standards, beginning Monday, July 8, at 1550 North Coltrane. Edmond. Contact Jack Werner, A to Z Inspections, certified FORTIFIED Home evaluator, for information at 405/412-7861 ext 2 or or Tim Lovell, Disaster Resilience Network, at 918/403-9823 or


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Tim Lovell