November Key Message: Protect Your Business

Have a plan to protect your business from flooding or other disasters.

All businesses need to have a plan to continue operations in case of a disruption, such as in the case of a flood, ice storm, or power outage. When disasters strike, small businesses are uniquely vulnerable, and at least 25 percent of businesses that close after such events never reopen. Having a business continuity plan can make all the difference. For more information and access to numerous resources, visit the DRN Disaster Resilient Business Council webpage or the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety .

Commercial Coverage for Flood Insurance: From 2010 to 2014, the average commercial flood claim amounted to nearly $89,000. Flood insurance is the best way to protect you from devastating financial loss. Take the first step in researching flood insurance by determining your flood risk. For information on flood insurance for your business, visit the Commercial Coverage section of the Floodsmart website. Please note that flood insurance does not supply business interruption coverage that compensates you for your lost income due to floods. Nor will your business owner’s insurance policy, since floods are not a covered loss. Options to add business interruption coverage for flooding such as a Difference In Conditions (DIC) policy may be too expensive for a small business. Check with your insurance provider on your coverage and be sure to have a business continuity plan in place to quickly resume operations if you are in a flood-prone area.

To learn more about your risk of flooding and how to be prepared call the City of Tulsa Customer Care Center at 311 (in Tulsa) or (918) 596-7777, or visit

In partnership with the City of Tulsa, the Disaster Resilience Network shares these monthly key messages from the Program for Public Information (PPI) as part of the National Flood Insurance Program – Community Rating System. This outreach assists our community in keeping low flood insurance rates. Tulsa property owners and renters are eligible to receive up to a 40 percent discount on flood insurance rates.

Tim Lovell