October Key Message: Storm Drains Are For Rain

With this season’s abundance of falling leaves, now is a good time to remember that STORM DRAINS ARE FOR RAIN. Pouring or disposing of anything other than storm water into a storm drain is illegal, pollutes local waterways and can cause localized flooding. Never pour or place anything into storm drains. Tulsa’s storm drains convey water to local waterways. Pouring motor oil or other chemicals down the drain can kill fish and wildlife living downstream. Putting leaves, grass clippings or other waste down drains clogs storm drains and requires the city to spend more money to clean them out – which is an added expense to taxpayers. If leaves or debris are blocking a storm drain or if you witness illegal dumping, please call the City of Tulsa Customer Care Center at 311 (in Tulsa) or (918) 596-7777 to report it, because it can be dangerous and damaging. Let’s keep our local waterways clean and free flowing. For more information, go to City of Tulsa Stormwater Quality.

In partnership with the City of Tulsa, the Disaster Resilience Network shares these monthly key messages from the Program for Public Information (PPI) as part of the National Flood Insurance Program – Community Rating System. This outreach assists our community in keeping low flood insurance rates. Tulsa property owners and renters are eligible to receive up to a 40 percent discount on flood insurance rates.

Tim Lovell